This Philosophy was taught to J Lee Sensei and it is the one he also teaches his students.

Rules and Disciplines

1.Discipline yourself to the rules and keep sacred the Martial Morality.

2.Understand Propriety and Righteousness

 Love your country and respect your parents

3. Love your classmates and enjoy working together as a group

4. Control your desire and stay healthy

5. Work Hard, keep practicing and never let the skill leave your body

Learn How to keep the energy

Quit inciting a fight attitude

7. Always deal with the world matters with a kind attitude that is calm and gentle

8. Help the elderly and the children

use the martial mind to achieve Yan

9. Follow the former 8 rules and hold to the Ancestors rules sincerely


Lines of Thought

1. Love

2. Compassion

3. Politeness

4. Wisdom/forgive

5. Righteousness

6. Faith